The AIRA Compact Charging & Storage Case

Secure your Electronic Music Pedagogy program for the future!

This custom designed case is perfect for storing and charging up to 30 Roland AIRA Compact modular synthesisers in a school environment. Based on the iPad or computer trolley concept, this case ensures all instruments are charged and safely stored at all times, ensuring maximum effectiveness for exploring and performing electronic music in schools.


  • Made with the highest quality flight panel material on the market.
  • 2 x super strong and durable wheels, chosen specifically to avoid degradation caused by humid environments.
  • 1 x high quality handle to roll the case & 1 x high quality handle to pick up the entire case.
  • 4 x industry standard lockable latches.
  • 30 x perfectly fitted slots for AIRA Compact devices.
  • 30 x charging cables, neatly organised for efficient charging.
  • 2 x spaces for patch cables, headphone splitters etc.
  • 1 x single power input to charge all instruments at once.
  • Fully removable lid to improve access and remove risk of dangers associated with potential self-closing of a hinged lid.
  • Enough space to pack headphones inside the case if required.
  • Save space in your classroom and ensure instruments are safe and organised.
  • Designed and made in Australia, exclusively by Electronic Music Pedagogy.

Download this product outline for your school admin.


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*AIRA Compact devices, patch cables and headphones not included. Please get in touch if you'd like to purchase AIRA Compacts for your school.