Electronic music workshops for students

Your students love electronic music. Now they can learn to perform it!

How it works

Hands-on, inclusive & immersive learning experience

Our team will bring all of the necessary equipment to your school and deliver workshops to suit your context. We can work with primary and secondary students and sessions can range from 1 hour to a full day immersion. Sessions are completely hands-on and linked directly to curriculum outcomes.

Or if you're a school in NSW, Australia, you can click here to download a workshop outline PDF now!


Engage students at all stages of their music learning journey. Accessible for new music learners and endless creative possibilities for more experienced learners.


Sessions are designed to draw on student interests/styles as they participate in workshops.

Completely practical

Students will be immediately hands-on with electronic music making tools. We aren't there to lecture your students...we're there to facilitate deep learning. 

Workshop options

Whole day - timetable takeover

One of our facilitators comes to your school to deliver as many workshops as we can fit in one day! You can simply allocate your regular timetabled lessons to our facilitator and we'll do the rest! This is a great option for reaching lots of students with minimal disruption to your school day.

Whole Day - Senior Classes

We love doing deep dives with senior/exam-level classes i.e. Year 10, 11, 12 or 13 students. These sessions allow time for high level tech performance skills to be developed in one day. We guarantee that your students will have pieces to perform by the end of the day!

AOI4 - Performing with Music Technology workshops - triggering and live looping

Probably our most popular student workshop! Our team are experts in helping students engage with AOI4. We use AIRA Compacts as the gateway tool for learning how to perform with tools like the Ableton Push or Maschine MK3 (or any other MPC for that matter!). We can also combine this with an integrated session on live looping using pedals.

Special Workshop Sessions (1-2 Hours)

This is your best option for engaging students for a shorter immersive session i.e. a special music day, end-of-term activity etc. Please get in touch to discuss your needs via our booking form below. 

Recurring Extra-Curricular Sessions

We also offer weekly extra curricular sessions for schools. Our facilitator will come to your school each week and deliver sessions with a small group of students. Subject to availability - please get in touch via the booking form below.

why we do it

We help students connect to the music they love. 

Hip hop, techno, grime, EDM, drill and house (aka electronic music) are arguably the most widely listened to music styles in the world. Our workshops immerse students in electronic music-making in a tactile way, allowing them to make the music they want to make without the confusion and steep learning curve often associated with DAW's.

Download a student workshop information sheet + pricing guide here.

Electronic Music Pedagogy is a new wave in music education

Our facilitators are global music educators with years of experience teaching in school classrooms. They use the Electronic Music Pedagogy (EMP) framework, which is based on new ground-breaking research and thousands of hours of experience working with students around the world.


Let them do the talking