Become a certified electronic music facilitator

We provide hands-on training to help teachers teach electronic music

What we do

We train teachers in Electronic Music Pedagogy (EMP)

We train music educators in a learner-led, culturally-situated and research-informed approach to teaching electronic music.

Our programs are practical, fun and suitable for all music teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts.


We draw on the latest research in music pedagogy from global education contexts.

Culturally relevant

We recognise the diverse global contexts of electronic music-making.

Tested by teachers

We've developed this approach in classrooms and workshops around the world.

Training options

In-Person - Individual

Bring in one of our team to work one-on-one with you! As always, hands-on, immersive and practical training. We bring the gear and the vibe!

In-Person - For your entire department

We specialise in working with music departments. Bring us in for a day of hands-on, immersive and practical training for your team. We bring the gear and the vibe!

ONline - Individual (Synchronous)

Have one of our team working with you independently online. Your course fee includes 4 x AIRA Compacts plus personalised training.

Online - Individual (Asynchronous)

Take our online interactive course! Your course fee includes 4 x AIRA Compacts plus online video-based training that you can work through any time you want. Learn more here!

why we do it

We know music teachers are looking for fresh approaches

Hip hop, techno, grime, EDM, drill and house (aka electronic music) are arguably the most widely listened to music styles in the world today, yet they rarely feature in school music classrooms. Many music educators were trained in Western Art Music traditions and struggle to know how to approach teaching electronic music. Applying traditional music teaching approaches simply don't work. A new approach is needed.

EMP is a new wave in music education

Electronic Music Pedagogy (EMP) is based on new ground-breaking research in music education. We recognise that students are struggling to engage with current approaches to school music education and tend to learn in informal and digital contexts outside of school. EMP is about engaging students and creating confident and up-to-date music educators in our schools.


Read our testimonials

Matt Dawson

International School of Monaco

These electronic music workshops hit the core of music class: experimenting with sounds and applying theoretical knowledge into hands on music making. At every moment we were busy testing, sampling, tweaking, experimenting...

James Libbey

International Schools of Luxembourg

Easy going, competent presentation and exploration accessible to all. A highly competent presenter and engaging teacher who creates a learning environment where it is ok to break the rules, explore new possibilities and make music.