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Hundreds of PDF downloads to pair with our YouTube videos

Our YouTube tutorials are perfect for students. But what do you do once they've finished them? We've created great supplemental materials to go with every video to help you facilitate deep learning with your students.

Exclusive BONUS tutorial videos not available on YouTube

You'll get exclusive access to new videos before they go out on public YouTube. These 'unlisted' videos will feature recreates of the latest songs as selected by young people in our EMP schools. 

EMP-focused lesson plans, templates & unit plans

Electronic Music Pedagogy draws on current research around how electronic musicians learn. Our lesson plans and unit plans will help you to develop an authentic and relevant approach to engaging your students in this style.

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Here's a sample of one of the facilitator question/prompt PDF's that come with your subscription.

And pair it with this tutorial video.

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In came an email after dinner, and to my surprise, it was from my Year 5 student, who was too excited to show me another song he recreated at home with Chrome Music Lab’s Song Maker after we explored Electronic Music Pedagogy's amazing student-friendly Chrome Music recreate series in class today. It brings great joy to me to see the students presenting their recreated music proudly in class and being inspired to recreate more music at home. Thank you for the very valuable teaching resource! Please enjoy the music!

Sarah Ngooi 

Invictus INternational School, Singapore

Great to see Electronic Music Pedagogy engaging and inspiring our Primary boarders on a Saturday morning! They used brilliant free resources from Electronic Music Pedagogy to recreate some songs on Chrome Music Lab.

Jeremy Meddows-Taylor

Bromsgrove INternational School, Thailand

Here's how my learners recreated their own version of 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson after being inspired by Electronic Music Pedagogy and free resources.
Try it out it's super fun and engaging. 

Jim Elvin

Stonehill INternational School, India


How does the subscription work?

You can pay for your subscription by invoice, credit/debit card, or PayPal.

Once your payment has been cleared you will receive login access to the EMP Resource Dashboard where you will find everything you need!

How many teachers can I have on my subscription?

You will have to email a request for any additional teachers to be added to your school subscription. We are happy to provide access to your whole team!

What gear do I need to run EMP sessions?

The most impactful EMP program integrate hardware and software. We use Roland AIRA Compacts as the hardware tool for all of our EMP schools. These are epic devices! Learn more about our EMP schools and the AIRA Compacts here.

In terms of software, we currently have tutorials for GarageBand (iOS), BandLab (Web) is & Chrome Music Lab.

We have tutorials and resources coming for Soundtrap, Logic and GarageBand (OS).

Can I add students to my subscription?

No. This subscription is purely designed to support teachers. All of our student facing resources can be found on our YouTube channel.