Here's what people say about our epic student workshops

"Chris approaches these sessions in a fun and relaxed manner, exploring the joy of music through various technology. Our students really enjoyed it"

Bart Raethel // Central Coast Adventist School, Australia

"From the minute Chris started the presentation, you could tell he was a seasoned music educator and not just an industry technology rep. He knew exactly what to say and ask to get young students engaged in the workshop. He was adept at engaging all students at all levels of ability- even when we had to combine a 6th grade class with a high school class due to scheduling"

Brian White // American School of Milan, Italy

“I think the students loved creating different types of beat patterns and showing their friends. I love the work you are doing Chris and appreciate that you shared your expertise with CIS students!”

Dan Hartig // Canadian International School, Singapore

“Thanks, Chris for a fun, exciting and engaging workshop with our students at Discovery Bay College! We had workshops catered for students ranging from Yr 5 to Yr 13 as well as resources for teachers demonstrating pathways on how to implement Music tech into the IB curriculum. All students and staff alike were able to collaborate and make music using these Roland instruments for the first time regardless of their level of musical knowledge or ability, and they all engaged from beginning to end. I highly recommend this workshop for any school that is looking to embed/expand the use of Music Technology in their curriculum”

Chris McLeay // Discovery College, Hong Kong

“Working with Chris was fantastic. From the outset, communication was timely, clear and efficient. The workshop was hands-on fun for both students and staff alike, and Chris quickly built rapport with everyone in the room. Chris' many skills and talents as both teacher and musician were apparent during the sessions, in which informal learning led to many creative outcomes. I would highly recommend this workshop! It is an excellent intermediary step between touchscreen and DAW music production”

Beren Gaston // International School Hannover Regional, Germany

“Chris was just amazing with our students! He made working with electronics not only fun and meaningful but accessible. Students were able to try something new and they were able to learn about triggering, looping, syncing, ideating, and performing their own compositions electronically, all successfully in very artistic ways. Students and staff were so engaged and excited to make music in this manner and they were inspired to keep working in this area of musicking. Chris is not only an expert in electronic music making, but he is a master pedagogue. His pacing and way of working with everyone was just great”

Demo Dimitrakoulakos // International School of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

“Chris’ electronic music workshops hit the core of music class: experimenting with sounds and applying theoretical knowledge into hands on music making. At every moment the students were busy testing, sampling, tweaking, experimenting… And they still ask when is he coming back!”

Matt Dawson // International School of Monaco

“Chris' approach to leading the workshops allowed students to explore and find creative solutions. Students were immediately leaders of their own learning and desperate to get back on the devices in the next lesson. Thank you Chris for enriching the musical experiences of our students.”

Zoë-Laura Dina // International School of Monaco